I found many Facebook posts about political related either from the current or previous government issues that blaming and bashing each other.

I feel sad when I realized that we are divided by political parties which instill an unhealthy competition habit. I can say this because I see their negative comments, blaming and bashing each other also labeling people with negative terms and full of hate speech. It is very disappointing.

What can I say right now about our people’s mentality are they obsessed with the political party that they are supporting. The term obsessed could bring false assessment to the political party. Why? Because when they are obsessed to it, everything that the political party said or planned or something else, the obsessed supporters always head-banging means agree. All the things it said are true and without prejudice. They value blindly. This is not supposed to be a good citizen. This is not I really wanted.

So what is actually the right role as a Malaysian Citizen to a Government?

The right role as a Malaysian Citizen to a Government is ‘Check and Balance‘. This can reduce mistake, improper management, decrease the risk of veto power of the government.

As we already know that Malaysia is using democracy system. We have the power to vote and form government by majority vote. We have right to choose a new government by election.

So to winning our vote for them, they might propose something attractive promise so-called as manifesto.

After they won the election, as a responsible citizen we have to monitor their action. What is their planning for our future. Do check and balance. Request reports and official statements from them to prove they are transparents to manage Malaysia well without any corruption. We can’t simply agree with all the unlogic plan that may affect our future.

Yes, we already voted them and they have our support. But this is the way how to control them. And we have to keep an eye time to time. This doesn’t mean we are the opposition. It is doesn’t matter who you are supporting to. Eventhough you support opposition party, you need to have the check & balance too. This can make Malaysia better.

Lastly, do more research and reading. We’re going to be the first class Malaysian Citizen. InshaAllah.

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