Today is the middle of Ramadan and it is about to end.

Focusing on marketing and production strategies on a new merging project plan with others and to what I’ve done before (I failed already, but will do come back insha’Allah).

Also creating and a lil upgrading a SaaS project a bit challenging due to the time limit. Too many things need to be done this year.

For my online business, I need to stop using fbads and online purchases since the currency aren’t stable enough for the time being, at least until price recover hopefully, and start focus on the other plan.

Recently a bit addicted to Netflix. Spending time with it, having chitchat with family and it fairly entertaining while waiting for sungkai at home. It is the best i do rather than reading politics and irrelevent news feed to my brain.

I also spend time to read ‘The Promise Of A Pencil’ suggested by one of my friendlist. It is about how an ordinary person can create extraordinary change by Adam Braun. I also recommend this reading resource if you have gut feeling to change the world.. At lease change yourself and someone around you.

btw, thanks for adding me up as fb friend. I hope you are already knew that this is my new fb acc. Some of you thought that i was unfriended you but no such thing i unfriended or etc.

Stay focus!

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