Every Ramadhan is very challenging. A bit hard to manage time to balance works and personal. During the Ramadan, we need to do fasting (no eat or drink) from before Subuh until Maghrib. So, our body might feel a little weak because of ‘hungry or water dehydration’. I couldn’t stay productive until I followed these 3 following tips: 1. Re-organized Before the first day of Ramadan, all pocket files, papers on my table are not well organized. The table was so sloppy. Then I took some time to re-organize it using paper clips, staplers, and etc. I put these documents separately and filtered by categories. The most important is, the table should look clean and tidy. It helped me a lot! If you have a notebook or computer, feel free to arrange all your messy files on the computer desktop. Delete any unnecessary files into your recycle bin. Do file defragmentation using Auslogics Disk Defrag Software to boost computer system efficiency. I do this at least once a week! 2. Enough Sleep I’m not sure how many hours do you need to get enough sleep. Some people need 8 to 10 hours. For me, I need at least 5 to 6 hours per day. Sleep is the key to health. Enough sleep can make our body and brain rest. If my sleep is not enough, then I might use another hour or extra hours to sleep. This would affect all tasks scheduled. So, I took minimum hours to sleep to restore perfect energy. 3. To-do List Make To-do list is the important thing to stay productive. Every time before I go to bed, I will list all my future task. I use Microsoft To-Do to record all the list. Other than that, I do prioritize the list from high to low priority. This will help me to stay focus. I give you a situation that people are always losing their focus. Let’s say, I already listed down all tasks for tomorrow and prioritized it. After that, I received a message from a friend asking for help “Hello Achmad, can we hang out tomorrow? The new movie from Marvel at the cinema”. So, what do I do is reject the request and said: “sorry dude, I need to settle some tasks tomorrow. See you!”. It helps right? Have you tried this to your friend or someone who wants to make an appointment to you? Use this technique to stay focus!

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